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NO ONE Services & Products at eTiQa Takaful


An Authorised Takaful Consultant : En. Azizan B. Adnan ( WAS 31300 )
HP No : 019 - 3103074 ( 24 hour services )
e-mail : nor


eTiQa Takaful NOT about protection alone....We CARE
more about your CURRENT & FUTURE SAVING.
We appreciate your value of money....we know!!!! It's hard to
earn money ...most of us might think that
we only selling insurance & wasting your time and money... but the true is ...we are NOT!!!!

I have an experience of selling insurance policy while I'm still
ng as a banker with MAYBANK. At that time ,you are forced
to buy the insurance policy in orderto make
your loan etc housing loan, ASB loan, personal
loan etc being approved.

You are not sincere to buy an insurance policy even it's the most important to you.
To's normal b
ecause you are not aware of the important of the insurance for
you or your family....

Personally...I'm also has no awareness at that point to buy an insurance policy for
or for my family...because i know if nothing happen to me ...the money i had
paid to
the insurance company is gone or maybe i will only manage to get back
@ 20 %.

Here is some tips how to choose a plan
which can benefits you and the whole family

in term of protection value and your return
( money )....

1) Ask in details your type of plan ?...
Choose a plan which can give a maximum protection to you as a key person... and at the same time to all your family i.e. wife/husband and your childrens.
Ask your consultant to give full explanation with agreement proven until you understand the whole plan.

2) Ask in details about the money that you are paying every month...what is the return i.e. CURRENT return & FUTURE return ?

Many insurance plan has no return because the plan is solely for protection coverage. As a will upset while you know the plan you are bought is no return. That have right to ask properly before you agree to sign / join the plan.

Ask your consultant about your monthly contribution percentage i.e. for example if you are paying RM 200 every much goes for protection coverage & how much goes for your saving portion.

3) Ask in details about maturity of policy / plan ?

Many insurance policy require you to wait until maturity period in order to withdraw your money in your plan. Some policy maybe allow you to withdraw your money but with conditions which you have to pay back or interest will be imposed if delay payment / pay back.


at eTiQa we are difference from
insurance policy!!!!!!

FIRST !!!!!

We give back your money in double return @ guaranteed.

We give maximum protection to you & your family.

THIRD !!!!!!

All our plan is SAVING plan which we guaranteed your return in double ...You can use this plan as your 2nd EPF money for your retirement .

Facts to think about !!!!!!!!! * Our plan is manage to discipline you to make saving regularly. * Our plan manage to helps you & you family in case something happen like death or total permanent disability happen. * Our plan is called balance plan...which our priority is your saving...which you require no insurance policy anymore. * Money can be use at anytimes.


Why buy separate policy for you children education fund while with our policy , can be use for your children education . HOW??
For example :-
You have son age 2 yrs old. All our policy is saving plan so at that time when your son want to pursue his study at university @ 18 yrs old may withdraw your money in your policy without any conditions....
It will not effect your total coverage protection but your coverage protection keep increase every years. WOW!!!!no others plan outside's only at eTiQa Takaful.


You choose you destination while unfortune situation happen to you or your loves one.!!!


Plan of your happiness family

You make a decision.......


if this happen to still can smile because
you been prepare for this unfortune situation.


An experience has make myself realize that money is not everything but everything
need money. Sometimes we smile...but life like a circle because we can predict when
unfortune moment will come ...

As a human...we have to accept our fate but prepare for it...That the reason why I left
my comfortable job and turned to new career as a Takaful Consultant..... because
I know to make people happiness is give me more meaningful in my life.

Life is short so make it colourful.

So ...don't me NOW....just sembang-sembang...see you.

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